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Adult Toys For Couples

kjlCock Rings with Vibration
Established for a long time as a sex aid for males, cock rings (also known as penis rings) are not solely a benefit for males but can also help with the stimulation of the female partner.

Fingertip Massagers
Along with small vibes, fingertip massagers are the perfect sex toys to use in foreplay.

Cock Sleeves
Penis sleeves can mutually be of benefit to both partners.

Remote Control Adult Toy
Remote control toys have become more popular of late. These adult toys are normally wireless with some of them having a distance of up to 10 metres.

Sex Toys for the Shower
In order to enjoy better sex in the shower there are a number of products on the market as well as vibrators such as an attachment that transforms your shower into an unit with two heads so that both parts of the couple can remain warm and wet at the same time.

The Essential Essentials

When you have bought all of the gifts for Christmas, finished work for the holiday season and finally have a little bit of time to yourself do you often think that you have forgotten something? It’s that same feeling you get when you are at the airport waiting to jet off to a foreign location and while you should be enjoying yourself; you are really wondering if you have remembered to pack everything you need or where are the passports/tickets! Frustrating I’m sure you will agree.

At Phoebe’s Secret we have everything you need to spice up your sex life, including accessories and essentials that are important to you and the products you buy – From condoms and lubricants to battery chargers for your toys, pills and potions to keep you harder, hornier and extend your stamina or gift sets ideal for that weekend away with your partner. We even stock products that will clean your delicate lingerie safely and help to keep it looking great without irritating your skin. It’s so easy to forget these little “extras” but they can really make a difference. For something a little different we stock a range of flavoured massage oils and lubricants, made to help your love session not only go smoothly but tasty too. Some like the Pjur My Glide contain added ingredients that will warm and stimulate your sensitive parts enhancing your pleasure.


We all love those steamy nights of passion that are an unplanned surprise, but sometimes a little time spent thinking ahead can make the sexy fun even better. Just the anticipation can be a turn on for a start. Adults are watching more pornography than ever before, it helps us get ideas, relaxes and excites us, but if a sexual DVD is not your thing then we have a selection of erotic books that could help you get in the mood. You could even ask your partner to read it to you out loud, why be shy? Watching a sexy movie or reading erotica together can be a great way to get closer to each other and start the ball rolling in the sexy stakes. Give each other a sensual massage, touching all over and finding those most intimate spots to excite and pleasure.

When planning a mammoth sex session I like to have everything I could possibly need close by and ready. First I choose my outfit carefully, thinking about how I’d like things to go and what impression it will give my partner if I’m dressed in lingerie or something a bit raunchier. Next I’ll take a look in my bag of toys and make sure everything is there, clean and working correctly – there’s nothing worse than finding your batteries have died in that favourite toy! Buzzzzz. Then there’s the waiting…… for my partner to arrive, the fun to begin and another raunchy and hedonistic session to enjoy.

Whether you like to plan ahead or just go with the flow, a few essential items can turn a night of sexual passion into something you will want to repeat and remember.

What’s in your bag of toys this Christmas?

How To Decide On Your Very First Vibrator

Purchasing a vibe and / or virtually any adult toy as a beginner could be a very intimidating prospect but there’s nothing to stress about, it is just like hiring an escort from the best agencies such as Although there are a number of physical shops in towns and cities sex shops that supply vibes, to avoid any kind of likely awkwardness or source of discomfort it’s smart to order online for the reason not merely will you not have to come one on one with any individual shop assistants you may also be assured of 100 % discretion as your package will get delivered in an unmarked card board box or possibly a padded envelop depending on the dimensions.

Exactly what is the best vibrator for a newcomer?best-high-end-silicone-electric-adult-sex-toys-for-font-b-couples-b-font-for-women

Everything’s down to your personal inclination but if you aren’t used to vibrating sextoys then proportions is important and small is almost always the most suitable choice for the first-timer. Small vibrators in many cases are a very good beginning point as they are discreet, can make fantastic gifts and therefore typically among the most economical kinds of vibrator which you can decide to buy. A large percentage of small scale vibes are available for lower than ?10 which makes them a real bargain. After all, adult sex toys and vibes might not be for everybody so if you find that a vibe certainly isn’t for you when you’ve tried it, then you won’t end up too out of pocket if you settle on an inexpensive model. What small vibes are lacking in length they more than make up for in potency. Simply because these are typically smaller, doesn’t mean these types of vibrators cannot produce stunning sexual climaxes. One such vibe is the Little Vibrating Softee that measures 5 inches in overall length, has a lifelike penile appearance, is comfortably underneath ?10 and also comes along with adjustable speed configurations. People who aren’t ready for multispeed vibes immediately, singular speed variants are also available.

Exactly what should the vibrator be created from?

Just as before this is all down to private choice although vibes that have a jelly or silicone coating tend to be much softer on the epidermis in comparison to more hard metal or glass equivalents. Jelly is a cheaper alternate than silicone but silicone vibrators are highly regarded for their life span and toughness while their jelly counterparts are not built to last for a lifetime. What’s more, it’s worth mentioning that vibrators with a tapered tip are perfect for newcomers because this indicates they are much simpler to place in to either the vaginal area or the rectum.

Are bullet vibes an effective alternate to small vibrators?

Your average bullet vibrator is about two inches total length in comparison to the average small scale vibrator that has dimensions of between four and five inches in insertable length causing it to be suitable for novice vibrator users. Bullet vibrators are available either together with control units affixed or as cord-less commodities and are available both in variable speed and single speed formats. Bullets could also be used to stimulate the nipples as well as as a basic massager. Bullets range in cost from around ?10 up-wards to around the ?50 mark. A really good low cost instance is the Power Bullet that measures only 2.25 inches long, is waterproof, is sold at underneath ?10 and comes with 3 distinct speed settings to pick from. Again, the more affordable part of the marketplace is a good place to start with prior to choosing to progress to higher end units.

Small scale vibrators together with bullets aren’t just outstanding for using by themself as solo toys but additionally make wonderful sexual aids for partners to play with alongside one another to add some-thing a tad varied to their loving relationship. The biggest thing to think about regarding vibrators is always to begin small and after that work your way up to more substantial options!