What makes my husband so attractive?

I only met my husband two years after I had left London escorts. It was the right thing to do. So many of the girls that I used to work with when I worked for London escorts were always chasing around after potential husbands. Most of them were probably hoping that the right guy would walk through their door, but that seldoms happens in life. It is better to go out and find your own husband, and make sure that you have something in common.

When you stop and think about it, having something in common is really what makes your partner attractive. It does not have to be something like the love of BDSM, it can be something much simpler. Being in my job allows you to pick up on all sorts of relationship issues, and one of the first thing I picked up on when I worked for London escorts, was that a lot of couples really don’t have that much in common. My husband and I have a lot in common and I guess that is what made him so attractive to me.

Sure good looks can be important, but it is not the only thing that makes a relationship tick. I think that my husband is very good looking, and like most of the girls at London escorts would say, he is that kind of guy who you can easily rest your eyes on. Sure, some girls would like to have a super attractive partner, but I am not sure that is the right thing to do at all. Very attractive men are often more in love with themselves than they are in love you, and that may not make for a happy relationship at all. Another little thing that I learned when working for London escorts.

What else is important in a relationship? Having a caring attitude is essential. You may not enjoy perfect health all of the time, and sometimes we all need a little bit of help in life. My husband was not very recently and I looked after him. When I was sick, he looked after me. That is something that I cannot say about all of the gentlemen I dated at London escorts. If their partners were sick, it seemed like many of them did not think that they should look after them.

Instead they complained to London escorts about their partner’s health.

Having fun together makes your partner look more attractive as well. We have lots of fun in our relationship and both of us love to travel and have fun on our holidays. Creating special memories together will make your partner seem more attractive to you. You will remember that moment in time, and how you felt. Do I miss some of the gentlemen I used to date at London escorts? I truly do, and I keep wondering what has happened to them. Are they still dating London escorts, or have they found new attractive partners in their lives? I would just love to know.

What do you keep in your box room?

Some people like to dedicate their spare room to a home office or gym, but I am very much different. Over the years I have built up a rather substantial collection of sex toys, and now I keep them all in my spare room. Some of my friends at London escorts say that my spare room is like a little mini museum to the history of sex toys. That is kind of a neat statement to make.

I don’t know why I got so into collecting sex toys. It was actually a boyfriend who introduced me to sex toys and ever since then I have been really into playing. Playing with them is great fun, but I love collecting them as well. Out of all of the girls that I work with at London escorts, I think that I am the only one who has such a large collection of sex toys. Most of the other girls at London escorts probably use a few sex toys but not to the same extent that I do. Have I gone over the top? I think that I might have done.

Recently I have thought about down sizing my collection or putting it to good use. I know that I am not going to be working for London escorts forever, so it would be good idea to have a back up plan. If I started my own sex toys, I would certainly have a very interesting picture gallery. On top of that, I would also be able to share my experience of various sex toys. The girls at London escorts think that I am a bit nuts, but I think it is one of those things that could actually work out for me.

When you leave London escorts, it can in general be kind of hard to find a job. Most of the foreign girls that I have worked with at London escorts end up going back to their home countries. Local girls like me seem to have a bit of hard time. After all, you can’t really put that you have worked for London escorts on your CV. It is not as easy as that and I don’t know what a prospective employer would have to say about that. It is far better to come up with your own business idea.

Sex toys are in general very popular. As more and more people are beginning to stay single, a lot of people are getting into sole play. Having physical sex is something we do less of these days. When you look at the history of sex toys, you will see that many of them are becoming more and more technologically advanced. If you had a really good site which explained all of this to singles, I think that you could easily have a little nice niche market to fall back on. Anyway, that is the idea behind the site that I am working on at the moment, and I hope that it is going to work out for me.

Can sex toys help?

I think that sex toys can help some girls says Elana from escorts in London. Lots of the girls at the agency use sex toys, and they say that sex toys have helped them a lot. It is really up to the person, but girls do say that they can sort of train you to have a better orgasm, and learn how to enjoy an orgasm. Some guys are in a real hurry, or do not last a very long time, and that can be frustrating for a woman. I am sure it is not only girls who work for escorts in London who feel this way.

My mom and dad seem to have had a really good relationship, and I have asked my mom if they used sex toys. She was a bit embarrassed to talk about it, but it the end she said that they had used sex toys. It may not be the sorting of thing that you want to ask your parents, but sometimes it is good to talk about these things. A couple of the girls here at escorts in London work as affiliate marketers on the side, and they sell sex toys on their sites. It is not for all London escorts as marketing the sites takes a lot of time, but I understand that they are doing great.

Mainly I would say that escorts in London are sort of a bit fussy when it comes to sex toys. I personally don’t like to buy mine in shops, but many of my colleagues here at London escorts buy them at Ann Summers. It would make me feel a bit funny to walk into a high street store to buy sex toys, but I am fine with buying lingerie in stores. Some of my nicer lingerie does not come from big shops, it is bought online from nice shops.

Are sex toys going to become more popular in the future? Yes, I think so. So many people are solo players these days, and enjoy to take their own pleasure. This is perhaps the main reason why sex toys are going to become more popular. Some of the girls here at London escorts are singles, and I know that they use sex toys for their own pleasure. Also, I know that some of the bisexual London escorts that I work with are really into different kinds of sex toys, and use them a lot.

The favorite sex toys here with escorts in London is still the old trusted vibrator, but there are some other great toys out there. A couple of my London escorts colleagues have used remote control sex toys and really enjoyed them. As a matter of fact, I know a couple of London escorts who would like to set up a remote play site, and you could log on and play with remote control sex toys. That sound kind of cool to me, and I think it would a viable business. Perhaps it is something that I should look into when I am ready to leave London escorts services.

The Essential Essentials

When you have bought all of the gifts for Christmas, finished work for the holiday season and finally have a little bit of time to yourself do you often think that you have forgotten something? It’s that same feeling you get when you are at the airport waiting to jet off to a foreign location and while you should be enjoying yourself; you are really wondering if you have remembered to pack everything you need or where are the passports/tickets! Frustrating I’m sure you will agree.

At Phoebe’s Secret we have everything you need to spice up your sex life, including accessories and essentials that are important to you and the products you buy – From condoms and lubricants to battery chargers for your toys, pills and potions to keep you harder, hornier and extend your stamina or gift sets ideal for that weekend away with your partner. We even stock products that will clean your delicate lingerie safely and help to keep it looking great without irritating your skin. It’s so easy to forget these little “extras” but they can really make a difference. For something a little different we stock a range of flavoured massage oils and lubricants, made to help your love session not only go smoothly but tasty too. Some like the Pjur My Glide contain added ingredients that will warm and stimulate your sensitive parts enhancing your pleasure.


We all love those steamy nights of passion that are an unplanned surprise, but sometimes a little time spent thinking ahead can make the sexy fun even better. Just the anticipation can be a turn on for a start. Adults are watching more pornography than ever before, it helps us get ideas, relaxes and excites us, but if a sexual DVD is not your thing then we have a selection of erotic books that could help you get in the mood. You could even ask your partner to read it to you out loud, why be shy? Watching a sexy movie or reading erotica together can be a great way to get closer to each other and start the ball rolling in the sexy stakes. Give each other a sensual massage, touching all over and finding those most intimate spots to excite and pleasure.

When planning a mammoth sex session I like to have everything I could possibly need close by and ready. First I choose my outfit carefully, thinking about how I’d like things to go and what impression it will give my partner if I’m dressed in lingerie or something a bit raunchier. Next I’ll take a look in my bag of toys and make sure everything is there, clean and working correctly – there’s nothing worse than finding your batteries have died in that favourite toy! Buzzzzz. Then there’s the waiting…… for my partner to arrive, the fun to begin and another raunchy and hedonistic session to enjoy.

Whether you like to plan ahead or just go with the flow, a few essential items can turn a night of sexual passion into something you will want to repeat and remember.

What’s in your bag of toys this Christmas?